Why Is SMS Marketing Still The Best Solution For Your Business?

Although SMS is often considered a “prehistoric” technology, it still plays the most crucial role in connecting various state-of-the-art technologies. It is most likely due to statistics: 90% of messages are read in the first few minutes. Textedly.com brings you the specific benefits of SMS marketing:

1. SMS messages are not spamming messages

Marketing SMS messages are sent only to users who have given their consent. More precisely, in order for the customer to receive an SMS message from you, he must first give his permission for something like that. If the user no longer wants to receive your messages, he can send a message to unsubscribe from this type of service at any time.

2. Everyone reads text messages

90% of all SMS messages have been literally seen within the first 3 minutes after receipt. Numerous recent surveys have shown that almost a third of people who receive a message react to it, and half make a purchase.

3. A limited number of characters leads to creativity and shoots right at the target

SMS marketing messages are limited to about 160 characters, which means that you have to send an irresistible offer via SMS. It is pointless to send huge memoirs of over 300 words. Subscribers want to receive concise and short messages via SMS, and that is what you need to offer them. Today, short marketing messages with a clear CTA (call to action) work best. Come to think of it, a 160-character limit for one SMS is just ideal.

Who uses the textedly.com service?


  • marketing campaigns
  • promotional activities
  • special offers, etc.


  • sending debt information
  • discounts, etc.


  • SMS service that implements faster and more efficient communication with clients
  • SMS service for sending news
  • sports results
  • horoscope, etc.


  • faster communication with employees and clients
  • sending important information
  • scheduling meetings, etc.

Messages are sent to private mobile phones so that each of your clients gets the impression that they are addressed only to them. Even bulk messages can be personalized thanks to this service. In this way, a one-on-one relationship is created between your company and customers. SMS marketing is direct and private.

If you want to use this service to improve or enhance your business or want to inquire about the possibilities of implementing the service in your environment, feel free to contact textedly.com – you will find there everything you need to start a successful business venture.