What Can Dog Hotels Do For Your Dog

Luxury dog hotels are facilities where busy dog parents can leave their pets for some hours or even days. Although it might be scary to leave your hairy friend alone, these facilities offer wonderful boarding and daycare services. A dog hotel or daycare facility can be helpful in multiple ways, as they not only watch your dog when you are not around but also allow puppies to spend a sometimes needed fun time.

Enrichment activities and devoted care

Even though your puppies will spend some time away from home while they are at a dog hotel, that does not mean they can’t have a really fun time. Puparazzi LA offers many entertaining activities so that your dog enjoys every minute at our facilities.


Leave your hairy friend as long as you need under the strict supervision of professional caregivers. Your pooch will enjoy doing plenty of fun activities such as group play sessions, going to the beach, hiking, and more.

Moreover, you can have the peace of mind of knowing what your dog is doing during the entire stay. Dog daycare facilities and hotels send photos of their puppies to every owner throughout the day during the different activities.


Dog hotels offer several luxurious suites for your dog to spend as many nights as needed. These suites are thought to provide major comfort so every puppy can have a relaxing and safe time at the facility.

Additionally, dog hotels have staff working at the facility for the whole day to ensure the well-being of their guests. This way, dog owners can serenely leave their puppies knowing a professional pet caregiver will be around at every moment.


For those extra playful and energetic dogs, daycare facilities have safe and quiet areas where your loyal friends can learn how to channel their energy.

With just a few minutes of happy and safe training every day, owners can see major improvements in their pet’s behavior when they are again at home.


Luxury dog hotels offer complete spa services to pamper your beloved pet. From breed-specific haircuts to baths and paw care.

Other common procedures at dog hotels are:

  • Aromatherapy bath
  • Facials
  • Eye whitening treatment
  • De-Matting
  • De-Shedding

Premier dog boarding and daycare

The Puparazzi LA resort offers multiple packages for the comfort and entertainment of dogs, and also affordable plans to meet the needs of dog parents.

Contact us and have the peace of mind of leaving your beloved dog at the most secure and professional boarding and daycare facility in Los Angeles.