The State Of Smart Investing

The tropical paradise idyll retains its aspirational status as a place of abode, vacation, and escape. From retirees slowing pace, to young families wanting freedom and safety, and exhausted urbanites seeking solace from the big city bustle, people are forever finding reasons for going coastally remote. For many Americans and others across the globe, Hawaii is the desired beach-fringed refuge. If you’re considering a move to the Aloha state, or have capital to invest in its highly sought-after real estate market, Kona on the Big Island could be your isle of opportunity. Here’s why a 2022 investment in Kona real estate is a great idea.

Future proof secured investing

Real estate investment is usually considered a long-term plan in terms of returns, and there are distinct advantages to choosing a mortgage over rental payments. Aside from the obvious fact of ownership, you can also deduct your mortgage interest from your annual income, which in turn reduces the amount of income tax you pay.

Hawaii has the highest median house price of any US state, with recent monthly growth price rates of homes in the expanding Kona region ranging between 8.6% and 12.1%. Like the rest of the state, the Kona real estate market also demonstrates a stable appreciation in property values over a longer period. Thus, whether your investment intentions are purely financial, or include the vision of owning a primary home or vacation home/rental in Kona, your profit potential is supported by both short and long-term forecasts.

The real estate market in Kona is conferred further stability through its connection to the strictly regulated American legal and financial systems. Other tropical paradise locations may glow with pristine beaches and abundant natural scenery, but offer none of the assurances of investing in the United States.

Laid back Island life still luxe

Kona Development Partners’ 324-acre luxury oceanfront project, The Kona Estates at Opinhihale, represents an opportunity for the savvy real estate investor to get in at ground level. In recent years, the luxury sector of the Hawaiian property market has been outperforming other areas. The Big Island, including Kona, dominates this sector, boasting 37% of the state’s high-end sales. Whatever your intentions are, The Kona Estates project offers ample scope for yielding strong returns on your investment and also for the purchase of real estate within the development at pre-sale prices. Make your dream for a permanent place in the sun a reality at