Different Ways A Law Firm Can Legally Represent You

Receiving legal assistance may come in different ways. A lawyer can represent a person either partially or thoroughly depending on the legal and financial needs of each client.

A client can choose a particular type of legal representation to save money without compromising the case or can ask for an attorney to assume full responsibility until the end of the trial. Stones & Sallus provides advice on the most convenient type of legal services for every person, as well as highly-qualified lawyers to help clients through any legal process.

The following are some of the most common ways a lawyer can represent a person:

Limited appearance representation

This is when a client does not hire a full-time attorney but for assistance in specific segments of the case. Both parties sign a contract stating the parts of the case where the attorney will help the client.

Limited appearance representation provides the possibility to delegate difficult parts of a case to a legal expert.

This type of legal representation also has financial benefits, as clients pay only for as much help as they require. Although clients will be responsible for handling the rest of the case, they can ask the attorney for extra help at any time if needed.

Fixed pricing representation

Fixed pricing representation, also known as fixed rate representation, consists of paying a set price for a lawyer’s services. Consequently, the attorney becomes responsible for every other issue such as fillings, motions, pleas, or appearances until the case ends.

The main advantages of flat fee representation include the possibility of saving in hourly rates for complex cases, as well as no surprise fees at the end.


Hiring a lawyer to do ghostwriting means paying for a legal expert to do research and draft documents for the court. However, all the documents will remain anonymous.

Ghostwriting allows clients to have court documents completed and save money by not paying the attorney for his full services.

Full service

Hiring an attorney or law firm for a full service is the most traditional way of legal assistance. The attorney or law firm will take care of every task related to the client’s case, whereas the person pays an hourly rate for the legal services.

Paying a lawyer to assist an entire case involves many benefits such as:

  • Having a legal expert to do research and fill documents on time
  • Experience speaking in front of judges and juries
  • Handling the different court processes

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